How to change font size and font family in Konsole Fedora

Sometimes the default fonts in Konsole terminal may not suit you. You might want to change the font size or font family.

You can change the settings via both command-line and GUI. I will show how to change the values via GUI.

Creating a new profile in Konsole

I chose to create a new profile instead of editing the current profile. You can have multiple profiles and switch between depending on your convenience.

To make a new profile

  • Open Konsole
  • Open Settings -> Manage Profile
  • Click on new profile on the right
  • Give a name to the new profile and save

Adding a new profile on Konzole Fedora

Changing the font details in Konsole

After creating the new profile, you can change how the Konsole window should appear. You can also set which profile to be the default one.

To change the font details

  • Open settings-> Manage profiles
  • select the new profile you created
    • Click ‘set as default’ (Optional)
  • Click on edit profile
  • Select the appearance tab
  • Change the font size
  • Select the required font-family

Changing font details in Konzole Fedora GUI

You can change any other details in the same way.